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ak54photo-studio2-18I am building a studio portfolio to update to my website shortly.  The trouble is staying true to my style indoors.  This simple portrait shows my development so far with a beautiful little model.

Hair by maxine smith




all that glitters

AK54PHOTO-FREEDMAN-29All girls are secret magpies.  Over this summers shoots I have taken my glitter ball each time and the sequin cape.  These 2 props are something that every girl has picked out & wanted to be shot with.  The challenge then comes to make each image feel unique to the child that I am photographing.  I don’t want to “cookie cut” when taking photographs.  You can use the same elements but they have to look different.  I’ll just have to get more imaginative each time I guess!!



the golden days



The shoot is for Kiki Minchin’s Rebel Summer Jewllery collection.   It evokes the mood of the summer’s of my childhood.

Model – Kaitlin Pilcher @ Boss///  Make Up – Kim Lumsdon/// Hair – Charlotte Wardle

how the magic is woven…

The editing process is a huge part of photography since the launch of the digital age.  Not that it didn’t exist in darkrooms & when shooting with film, just the magic can be shared more easily now…   This is an example of how seasons can be changed.

ak54photo-howthemagicThe shoot is for Kiki Minchin’s Rebel Summer Jewllery collection.  The brief, to shoot with reminiscence of a vintage summer past.

This before & after post shows an image straight out of camera & after the edit.

Model – Kaitlin Pilcher @ Boss///  Make Up – Kim Lumsdon/// Hair – Charlotte Wardle



the forgotten summer

ak54photo-the forgotten

through the looking glass

ak54photo-through the looking glassthe way in which we look at the world is different viewed through glass.

I have been so so behind with my editing, life has  flipped 180 & turned inside out in the past 3 weeks.  I am reaching normality (well my normality) again & editing outstanding shoots.  This image was an out-take from a jewellery shoot that I completed for Kiki Minchin. Her jewellery is gorgeous & beautifully stylish in it’s simplicity.  She is going to be big in the next couple of years.  Watch this space!

The model, Olivia, has an otherworldly feel & one of the things that I love so much about photography is that it has to contain some of the subject, some of the photographer & some magic to resonate as an image.  This has all 3 & also it intrigues, as to me, it looks like Olivia’s view is leading to another world, one defiantly found down a rabbit hole.  There is a haunted quality & I love that the image could have been a vintage photograph uncovered in a box of an attic somewhere, dusty & undiscovered for decades.


ak54photo-undonefrom time to time you have to re-build from within…


the story of a shoot


I get asked a lot of questions about my photography. This is a full shoot, as was presented to my client. My style is a fusion of fashion & fine art. This was a portraiture commission, that I styled and shot in natural light at sunset. Something that is not that common in Manchester in September!

click here to see the whole shoot

all that glitters

kiki 19

kiki (2) 2
kiki (2) 29

kiki 24

kiki 1
kiki (2) 23

I’ve been working with an amazing jewellery designer on some street style images to launch her website. The jewellery is gorgeous & her website is launching soon. In the mean time check out facebook https://www.facebook.com/kikiminchin

Lyla and the Tiger

Lyla and the tiger///ak54photo

We all have forces that protect us, i think of them as our animal guardians.



From a commercial shoot with the amazingly talented Ewan Sim, that evokes feelings of a Tarantino film set. Ewan is a singer, songwriter based in Manchester, UK. To hear his work visit www.ewansim.com


we’ve all got something to run from




a shot of work in progress for a fab new cake business… sugar & caffeine, everyday staples!

urban goddess in colour

the urban goddess facebook page launched today , check it out… very excited for the website to open!