When we were young


everything was an adventure in the summers before



ak54photo-lunarThere are no lunar seas on the far side of the moon… maybe we are meant to see the interest?

the golden days



The shoot is for Kiki Minchin’s Rebel Summer Jewllery collection.   It evokes the mood of the summer’s of my childhood.

Model – Kaitlin Pilcher @ Boss///  Make Up – Kim Lumsdon/// Hair – Charlotte Wardle


affinity-ak54photoi’m being taught the meaning of this word through the paths that fate crosses through your life.  some lessons are so nice to learn

a residue of memory

ak54photo-residue-of-memorysome memories never disappear no matter how many days pass


how the magic is woven…

The editing process is a huge part of photography since the launch of the digital age.  Not that it didn’t exist in darkrooms & when shooting with film, just the magic can be shared more easily now…   This is an example of how seasons can be changed.

ak54photo-howthemagicThe shoot is for Kiki Minchin’s Rebel Summer Jewllery collection.  The brief, to shoot with reminiscence of a vintage summer past.

This before & after post shows an image straight out of camera & after the edit.

Model – Kaitlin Pilcher @ Boss///  Make Up – Kim Lumsdon/// Hair – Charlotte Wardle


you broke me from inside


you broke me from inside but i gave you the key

curious horses


some days the magic is just there…. curiously.

mua maxine smith.  model jane duffy @nemesis models



It all depends on how you view the world as to whether it’s good or bad.. it’s your perspective, the circumstances are always the same..




security comes in all forms, funny how we disguise the blanket as we get older..


ak54photo-olivia-industry-10some are further away than others

model///olivia @industry people

mua /// maxine smith


the forgotten summer

ak54photo-the forgotten

i sat and waited for a hundred years & still you never came

ak54photo-stillhow long should you wait for before your dreams are haunted…

a collaboration of work with

mua maxine smith.  stylist the zed list.  hair charlotte bray.  photography & production ak54photo (emma wright)

the road alone

ak54photo-forrests-this journey is one that we travel alone but not by ourselves, kindred spirits guide our way.

conflicted identities


some days you’ve got to be both people to get through…