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The day we met a swan



Nature in the summertime is the absolute best



leave first


ak54photo.leave first


they say the one that leaves first protects themselves…. but what is that from?

Hair by Vicky Millington



affinity-ak54photoi’m being taught the meaning of this word through the paths that fate crosses through your life.  some lessons are so nice to learn

a residue of memory

ak54photo-residue-of-memorysome memories never disappear no matter how many days pass


curious horses


some days the magic is just there…. curiously.

mua maxine smith.  model jane duffy @nemesis models

i sat and waited for a hundred years & still you never came

ak54photo-stillhow long should you wait for before your dreams are haunted…

a collaboration of work with

mua maxine smith.  stylist the zed list.  hair charlotte bray.  photography & production ak54photo (emma wright)

the road alone

ak54photo-forrests-this journey is one that we travel alone but not by ourselves, kindred spirits guide our way.


ak54photo-driveevery pathways end leads to a new journey.

mua maxine smith.  stylist the zed list.  hair charlotte bray.  photography & production ak54photo (emma wright)


ak54photo-cloudssmoke filled rooms enhance the natural beauty of this shot.


young bucks

ak54photo-young bucks


from winter we all grow




I’m paying homage to a photographer who inspires me every day.  Paolo Roversi creates images that I want to be inside me! This is a shot that I styled & edited to try to create some of the beauty that he makes.  Model Kyra Macfarlane.  Make Up Maxine Smith. 


ak54photo-undonefrom time to time you have to re-build from within…




there can sometimes be a finality to beauty, there is nothing more to be said after the  creation.


dreams take us to far away places that are still so real..

the story of a shoot


I get asked a lot of questions about my photography. This is a full shoot, as was presented to my client. My style is a fusion of fashion & fine art. This was a portraiture commission, that I styled and shot in natural light at sunset. Something that is not that common in Manchester in September!

click here to see the whole shoot