ak54photo/// is the photography of UK based photographer Emma Wright.

This is the blog section of my website. You can see my full portfolio at www.ak54photo.com The blog updates a few times each week with current pictures of life.

Having worked as a creative in the fashion industry, specialising in visuals & styling for over 15 years by a natural progression I discovered photography. Understanding that a camera & the lenses affect the quality of the image I fell in love with glass & the things that you can do with it.

I first bought vogue in 1994, Kate Moss was on the cover wearing a vintage YSL tuxedo. Magazines formed the basis of my visual education. Through a specialised career in visuals, over the last 20 years I have found good design shines in all mediums; fashion, architecture, typography, illustration, words…. & photography. I take inspiration from all & am still adding to this list every day.

ak54photo/// is the portfolio of my work. My style heavily features black & white imagery, i love the world in it’s simplest light. Portraiture is something i can’t escape. My favourite photo subjects have eyes. In the time i’ve been shooting, this is the thing that i focus on the most. I specialise within fashion, portraiture & conceptual & fine art photography fields.

I focus much of my personal portfolio around children. I am drawn to their wonder of the world & try to capture an adult world through their eyes. Often this results in haunting imagery. Within my conceptual pieces I create magical realms within which they exist, each photograph telling it’s own story.

I undertake portraiture, fashion & conceptual photography commissions. I am based in Manchester, UK, although I travel worldwide for photography work. If you would like to or work with me, please get in touch, or see my prices page for details of my rates. Or for more information regarding my photography services contact

e-mail ak54photo@gmail.com
phone 07812 082422


All of the photography remains the property of ak54photo/// Images may only be used with prior written permission & links issued back to this site.  Copyright 2012 ak54photo/// All rights reserved. Do not use or reproduce without permission.


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